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The Book that has been awaited for 54 years is now finally published.
The spiritual communiqués, issued from the Plan of Sublime Duty and named ‘Önder [Pioneer]’ in 1959, were
compiled by Bedri Ruhselman. And since then they have been preserved in the safes of notaries and banks. Now that their
time has arrived after 54 years, they have now been published.
The book is the faithfully translated version of the original Turkish text.
In The Divine Order and The Universe you will find:
• The unending rain of knowledge starting from spirit and matter
• The new description of time and structure of the universe
• The true comprehension of love; the advance from love towards the essence
• Discovering existential freedom and planetary awakening
• The implications of global warming, floods and earthquakes
• The lessons we learn from natural events
• Inevitable effects of a huge planet, which is approaching from another system to our solar system
• Spiritual preparation through predicted facts about inevitable natural events

The Divine Order and The Universe

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